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  Dental Implant Services


  • Implant work up and laboratory services.  Dr. Bohannan can perform many of the pre-operative and case evaluation and planning steps needed to correctly plan your case in house.  This allows a more streamlined and cost-effective system for his patients. 

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  • Implant placement.  Dr. Bohannan uses many different implant systems to better able to select the proper implant to fit your needs.  Unfortunately in implant surgery,  there is no such a thing as "one size fits all". 

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  • Anesthesia services. Dr. Bohannan can perform procedures using a variety of methods.  Some procedures only require a local anesthetic (numbing injection).  Some cases require conscious sedation or even general anesthetic.  Some patients may wish to have some form of sedation as well.  In some cases, the procedure(s) may have to be performed in a hospital.  Dr. Bohannan has privileges in the hospital and can perform your surgery there if a hospital setting is needed.  Dr. Bohannan can deliver many different anesthetic options for you to consider.

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